The Motor Home is owned by Chris Cim - an internationally published photographer / video producer
who travels around the U.K. trying to entice ladies (aged at least 18 years old) and couples
into the vehicle to produce some horny adult material.

By clicking on the "Ladies" and "Couples" buttons below, you can read about their respective
activities and see some relevant images. However, please be aware that this website does
not contain any adult video material for you to view - however we do include links to
our stores where you can purchase and immediately download video clips. The Blog
link will take you through to a page which details our activities in recent days.


If you would like to view more explicit images, we do operate a membership plan - it costs just
£100.00 per annum - please use the contact page for details on how to pay the owner of
the website:


Finally, if you are a lady or couple interested in working with me, please use the "work offered"
button below to read more about what I am looking for: